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What is Unloct?

Unloct is a distributed micro-subscription service.

Unloct creates an ad-free, high quality, content rich environment by appropriately incentivizing creators like never before.

Creators create content and host it on their website. Subscribers support these creators by subscribing to Unloct.

When subscribers log into creators' websites with Unloct, creators are compensated from the total Unloct revenue pool.

Unloct takes a small percentage of the total pool, all the remaining funds are distributed to creators.

Creators are paid monthly, and their payments are determined meritoriously by that month's subscriber engagement

(more logins = more money)

How Unloct Works

Creators install Unloct on their own website. You log into their website with your Unloct password. They provide you with an ad-free premium web experience. The creator gets a portion of your monthly fee. You pay a fixed price, regardless of how much content you consume (all access for one price).

Payment Algorithm

All subscriber fees are pooled together, then distributed to creators based on monthly logins. Click for specifics


Unloct is an "oauth2 provider" meaning it can be installed on websites of all types. Click for plugin installation on Wordpress websites.


The Internet was meant to democratize marketplaces, but there is a problem. Content is being created for the benefit of advertisers, not the people. Unloct fixes the problem.


Here you can find our FAQ, User Guides, Videos, and more.

Start monetizing your content in 3 easy steps:




Register an account on Unloct (it's free). After you register your account, login, and create generate your App ID and App Secret.

For Wordpress websites, all you have to do is install a free plugin. Enter the Unloct API Endpoints, your App ID, and App Secret in your websites Wordpress Admin Dashboard. Then make sure the Plugin Widget is displayed on your front-end (like the sidebar).

Your done! You get paid each time an Unloct Subscriber logs into your website. Because only paying subscribers can log in with Unloct, you never have to give away your content for free ever again!

Have questions?

Feel free to email us anytime at support@unloct.net and our CEO will get back to you ASAP!