How does Unloct work?
Have you ever been surfing the web, or accessed an app on your phone, and been asked to log in with third-party credentials? Applications will typically require you to do this in order to customize a premium experience. Many times those third party credentials are your social network account or email service provider account. Unloct works just like those third party accounts, except the account is only accessible for paying subscribers. Subscribers pay one monthly fee for unlimited access to all of the content on the Unloct platform. Subscribers pay the same rate, regardless of how much content they consume in a month; they don't pay more for getting more.

Although many of those other services, known as single-signon services, are free, they come with many costs:

  • Annoying banners and other advertisements
  • Sponsored "news" stories that are actually marketing pieces
  • Annoying commercials interrupting your favorite videos
  • Fake profiles and spam ruining dating sites
  • Major privacy concerns as your data is sold to advertisers
  • Low quality content because creators cater to advertisers, instead of users
  • The creators of Unloct are incentivized to provide you with their best content, because they only get paid when you access their content, and they get paid more for your repeat business.

    Imagine all of your favorite subscription services (music, movies, news, ebooks, etc.) combined into one platform, but better. As a single-signon service, Unloct is distributed across the web (unlike your favorite subscription services which are tethered to a single platform). What you may not realize is that creators on those other platforms are limited by the tools the platform provides them. Because Unloct is distributed across the web, creators can publish anything that will fit on their website, all they have to do is install the Unloct software on their website. Their website, their content, one platform.