Frequently Asked Questions
What is Unloct?
Unloct is a subscription platform that connects the web's best content to happy subscribers.

How does Unloct work?
Subscribers pay one monthly fee for unlimited access to all of the content within the Unloct platform. Content creators are only paid when a paying subscriber consumes the creators content. A subscriber doesn't pay more if they consume more. Once a subscriber wishes to access the content of a creator, they will log in to that creator's website with their Unloct credentials. If a subscriber logs into a creator's website once or 100 times (or more), they pay the same monthly price.

How do I subscribe so that I can access some of this great content?
Start by creating a free account here. If you want, this free account will allow you to create content within Unloct (we take a small percentage of the monthly net revenue, we don't charge creators up front). After you have created your free account, you must subscribe here. Choose the single price monthly plan, enter your payment information into our trusted payment form, and you are all set! Next time you are surfing the web and you encounter content behind the Unloct paywall, just log in with your Unloct account.

I want to distribute my content on the Unloct platform, will it cost me anything up front?
No. Unloct gets paid when you do. We take a small percentage of the monthly net revenues (our payment processor takes an equally small percentage). The remaining net revenue of distributed to the creators. This distribution is determined meritoriously, the more logins a creator gets in a month, the higher percentage of the net revenue they receive for that month. Please see our merit based algorithm for a more detailed explanation.

Who can create content for Unloct?
At this time, only legal citizens of the United States of America are eligible to add their content to Unloct. Unauthorized content creators will not receive payment, even if a subscriber logs into their website. There is also a list of content types that are banned from Unloct.

Will I have to pay taxes on the money I earn from Unloct?
You will need to discuss your income taxes with a qualified tax professional. We cannot give tax advice, but generally the payments you receive from Unloct are considered taxable income. You may receive a tax form from Unloct (1099, 1099k, etc.)

I am a creator, when will I be paid for my work?
Unloct pays creators meritoriously, via an algorithm that rewards daily active users, monthly active users, and participation in the Unloct platform. On the final day of every month, at midnight, we make a determination of that month's total net revenue. Then we count all daily active users and monthly active users for that month. We also count each creator's daily active users and monthly active users. We divide the month's total net revenue into three pools: Daily Active Users, Monthly Active Users, and Participation. Your monthly payment is a proportion of each pool is determined by your user engagement, where the numerators are the counts of your engagement, and the denominators are the total Unloct engagement. There is also a participation payment, where a portion of the total monthly net revenue is divided by the number of creators, and each creator gets an equal share. For a more detailed explanation of how creators are paid, see the Unloct algorithm.